Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Roundup

I am a very lucky girl. As many of you probably know, Thanksgiving can be really hard for a vegan who has a non-vegan family. It's tough to sit there and nosh on salad while the rest of the family gobbles up turkey, milky mashed potatoes, and stuffing made with sausage. I've met vegans who just plain hate Thanksgiving for this reason! I think that's sad, but like I said, I'm a very lucky girl. I'm blessed with a really tolerant and understanding immediate family, and a set of soon-to-be-in-laws who downright embrace vegan eating when Fiancé and I are around. This Thanksgiving, my parents came to visit, and joined the huge party that my soon-to-be-in-laws threw. We probably had 40 people there celebrating with us, and everyone had a great time! Fiancé's mom made us a ton of vegan dishes, and veganized a lot of the classics for us (without informing the rest of the group -- no one noticed). We had a huge spread!

Slicing up the Tofurkey

The Spread

Roasted Butternut Squash, Beets, & Onions

 Mushroom Gravy, from Veganomicon

Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Yams

Vegan Stuffing

Steamed Veggies with Vinaigrette
The Tofurkey with fresh sage

We are still working on the leftovers, and let me tell you, it's a treat! Everything was so delicious, and my omnivorous parents even liked the Tofurkey. All in all, a wonderful vegan Thanksgiving success. What did you have for Thanksgiving?


  1. those steamed veggies look SOOOO delicious. i feel like i could eat that whole thing right now.

  2. Wow that all looks so yummy. It makes me want Thanksgiving dinner all over again.

  3. that looks awesome!
    i HATE tofurky though... it's hard to get that vegan meat-replacement centerpiece, but i'm partial to lentil 'loaf'.

    you absolutely NEED to get to whole foods and try thier vegan quinoa stuffing from the prepared foods bar, it's AMAZING: big chunks of gardein sausage, veggies, cranberries and nuts. so. good.