Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Buffet at the Wynn

As odd as it may sound, a large part of my Thanksgiving vacation was spent cavorting around Las Vegas, Nevada. My parents had never before visited, and as they were coming west anyway, we thought this trip might be a good opportunity. Lucky for Fiancé and me, things are now a little bit easier for vegans visiting Vegas. If you haven't heard, Steve Wynn (owner of the Wynn and Encore Hotels) now requires that each and every restaurant in his hotels offers vegan selections. Thanks to a tip from Alix and Shawn, we were all over this awesomeness.

To kick off the vegan fun, we headed to The Buffet and proceeded to stuff ourselves silly. Yay!

The Buffet!

One thing you can say for the place is that they have pretty wacky décor.

The pasta was awesome. They have a chef there to cook it up for you, and
you can add whatever you want! I had mushrooms with vegan pesto. 

Here was my plate of joy. Curried chickpeas, baba ganouj, and
quinoa cakes were among the feast. Yum!

My favorite part may have been that everything was clearly labeled. Wynn Win!

Honestly, we only scratched the surface when it came to vegan food at the Wynn. I hear they have some pretty amazing upscale eats, including a tasting menu at one of the more swanky restaurants. Exciting! I can't wait to go back and stay at the Wynn so we can eat decadently, all the time. I'm going to have to save up for that one, though, 'cause these things don't run cheap. But that's the way all of Vegas is, really, so it's not surprising. Anyway, next time you're in Vegas, stop by the Wynn and speak to the concierge. They'll show you their binder full of vegan options, and you won't be disappointed! It's really quite something.


  1. I love that you could get those great vegan options in Vegas! Honestly, next time I visit I'll probably stay at his hotel to support him and to have easy access to yummy vegan food! :)

  2. My wife and I were in Vegas this past August 3 weeks before Wynn "went" Vegan. We're going back in February and we're very excited. We already made Valentine's Day reservations at Stratta (also at the Wynn), which has a full Vegan menu.

    -Josh (A.K.A. "Lost" in the Beer Aisle)

  3. Thank you Steve Wynn!!!! You rock dude!