Friday, September 24, 2010

Vegan Cupcake Thursday

Ok, so I know it's not Thursday, but I recently found out about a really fun blog all about one of my favorite subjects, vegan cupcakes! Vegan Cupcake Thursday is a blog "all about debunking the myth and proving that VEGAN cupcakes taste good and no animals need to be harmed for your minute of pleasure." Now that's a mission statement I can get behind.

the adorable logo.
Vegan Cupcake Thursday is run by the lovely Roni Seabury, who is a fellow member of the Vegan Etsy Team. I was so pleased to find her blog, which is wonderfully witty (read her clever "about" page here) and features awesome bakers from all over the country, including mouth-watering photos of their wares. So, next time you're ready for some eye-candy (pastry?), check out Vegan Cupcake Thursday!

Guess what I'll be doing next Thursday? Baking cupcakes, you betchya!


  1. Wow this is a sweet surprise, thank you from the bottom of my cupcake shaped heart!

  2. EL FANTASTICO! Cupcakes for everyone!!