Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Veggie Awards!

Hello, all, and happy Wednesday!

Today I'm going to tell you about a happy bit of news I received not too long ago. Augusta Vegan Bakery was nominated for a Veggie Award for "Favorite Online Vegan Bakery" from VegNews Magazine! As I'm still a pretty tiny operation, I was shocked and absolutely thrilled to hear the news. What a wonderful honor to be nominated, and I am completely flattered!

The decision will be made by popular vote. As explained in an email to me," the 2010 Veggie Awards [is] the world's largest survey of vegan people, places, and products. Last year, 35,000 readers cast their vote, and this year we expect that number to surpass 40,000." Absolutely amazing! Winners receive a feature in VegNews Magazine, as well as an online feature, a logo to use on their website, and press coverage. Oh, and let's not forget bragging rights! Very cool.

It seems to me that I'm an underdog here, but what an awesome opportunity! Who knows, if everyone I know tells someone else that they know to vote, I might have a chance! You can vote at the link below:

As you'll see, it's a rather extensive survey featuring a huge variety of notable vegan and vegetarian businesses and groups. In order for the survey to count, you'll have to vote in at least 50% of the categories listed. So do your best! You'll also have to enter some identifying information at the end, too, but all in all you can do the whole thing in five minutes or so. Also, if you do go and vote, you'll have my eternal gratitude! And surely that's worth something.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer! Stay tuned for some yummy farmer's market inspired muffins later this week!

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